Local Farmers in Corpus Christi Join Top Pest Control Firm

There are numerous pests that affect the ability of plants to grow, either by attacking the plants or competing with them for the resources needed for growth. This applies to plants that are grown for people as crops. If precautions are not in place to prevent pests from manifesting, the productivity of crops can decline significantly. Farmer therefore use pesticides to keep pests at bay or to eradicate them completely. However, some farmers also employ other ways to control pests without the use of pesticides.

pest control done by farmerLocals talk of weird new developments with pest control in Corpus Christi, TX. What started as small ‘chatter’ became the talk of the town when a newspaper article described how the local farmers were eradicating pests. The local farmers in Corpus Christi adapted back-to-basics methods by using various ways to keep their farms pest-free without using chemical pesticides. This however was not easy, as it required the farmers to have extensive knowledge about the nature of the pests, the manner in which it caused harm, when it was most likely to manifest, other possible insects that may feed on those pests and the possible climates that provided unfavorable pest growth, among many others. The farmers also had to make sure that the steps that were being taken to eradicate the pests didn’t harm the crops to be cultivated in any way. Apart from having immense knowledge on the matters mentioned above, the farmers also had to observe the behavior of the pests and employ various trial and error procedures to evaluate how efficient their eradication methods were.

Even though chemical pesticides are not environment friendly, they are still widely used at home, restaurants and in farming as they are easy to apply, kills almost all problematic pests and is widely available. However, the most important factor is time. Using pesticides means the user does not need to go through trial and error methods to test the best possible method to get rid of the problematic pest.

These factors however did not stop the local farmers in Corpus Christi to look for alternative ways to get rid of the pests in their farm. The farmers employed methods of crop rotation, where they rotated the plantation of crops every year to make sure pests did not have a viable host available every other year. They also made use of “other pests” that fed on the problematic pest and kept their population at tolerable levels. However, the most paramount method employed was the use of organic pesticides. These organics pesticides were made after trying mixtures of different things that they thought would work to eradicate the pests or disrupt their life cycle. Through keen observation, appreciable knowledge and immense patience the local farmers came up with organic pesticides suited for the most problematic pests in their farms. These organic pesticides were made from everyday, simple ingredients that did not harm the environment or the user in any way. For example, the farmers combined the repellent effects of garlic, onion, hot pepper with the insecticidal soap qualities to imitate an insect solution for garden pests.

These activities were noticed by the INC Pest Control company. The company had been investing a lot of money into research conducted by the local university and other places orientated towards more environment friendly substitutes of their products. Therefore, after the newspaper article on the local farmers in Corpus Christi was published, the company hired the farmers that came up with the organic pesticides. When the company was asked why they hired local farmers, the company responded saying that the farmers had the knowledge and experience to aid the company in their research. As a result, the company could benefit from making use of the farmers’ inputs to make a product that they could safely commercialize and mass produce.

Recently, INC Pest Control has successfully launched a series of organic substitutes for their products. The products gained rapid popularity as they were greener, posed less risks to human health and were less potent in the environment. Additionally, the marketing of the product portrayed how the expertise of the research team and the local farmers’ knowledge of pests combined to produce the new range of organic pesticides.

This employment of local farmers resulting in greater sales and promotion of a better brand image for INC Pest Control has motivated other pest control companies to look for greener substitutes of their products.