Other Consumable Items

Flowers are maintained in the farms as per the demand of the seasons. Every variety of flower is available in the yards of the J and F. Whether it’s red, orange, yellow, blue or pink you can find every colour of flowers in the farms. It can be also considered as a one-stop destination for the flower hunters.

Flavourful Baked goods – It produces the baked items like cakes, pancakes, pastries etc with great taste and flavour. These items are highly appreciated by the local people and are always in good demand among the people.

J and F farms seem like a hub for all the basic items necessary for preparing a delicious food in the kitchen. It provides all the products with an affordable price both for the wholesalers and the retailers. This particular farm in New Hampshire eased the work for the shopkeepers by providing everything under one roof.  All natural Maple syrup, pasta sauce, pesto, Ravioli,  Homemade pasta, Glutten free bread, cheese, Butter, BBQ sauce etc all these items are easily available at the farms of the J and F.

It has been considered as the best farm stand in the New Hampshire region and also earned many appreciations both from the customers and the clients. It won the farmers distinction award from FFA.…